Imig Lab


Dr. Jochen Imig

Dr. Jochen Imig

Group Leader
Dr. Sama  Shamloo

Dr. Sama Shamloo

Sama did her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at Sapienza University of Rome, where she was a fellow of a Marie Curie network, studying novel lncRNAs involved in muscle differentiation. At CGCIII, she will work on lncRNA-miRNA interaction to explore ncRNA networks in Melanoma.
Kim Denise  Fischer

Kim Denise Fischer

PhD Student
Kim´s PhD research interest is dealing with the investigation of a specific lncRNA and its potential correlation to the IFNγ signaling, a pathway substantial in immunotherapy, in a melanoma patient model. This lncRNA is studied by the generation of engineered CRISPR-Cas9-based knockdown and activation cell lines, aiming to examine their response to IFNγ treatment on cell viability.

Finn Pfeffermann

Student Research Assistant
Laurina  Templin

Laurina Templin

Student Research Assistant

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