Dr. Malte Gersch

Dr. Malte Gersch

Principal Investigator
Curriculum Vitae
We are affiliated with the Technical University Dortmund, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the Max-Planck-Institute Molecular Physiology, Chemical Genomics Centre
Gian Marvin  Kipka

Gian Marvin Kipka

PhD Student
Jan André  Hane

Jan André Hane

Student Research Assistant

Finn Pfeffermann

Student Research Assistant

Mira Reichmann

Student Research Assistant
Laurina  Templin

Laurina Templin

Student Research Assistant


Past Members

Sarah Recknagel (PhD 2024)

Christian Grethe (PhD 2023)

Mirko Schmidt (PhD 2023)

Rachel O’Dea (Postdoc 2023)

Evie Petroulia (Scientist 2023)

Lucia-Maria Kaps (BSc 2019)

Marvin Rötte (MSc 2020

Alicia Hoffmann-Benito (MSc 2022)

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