The Chemical Genomics Centre

The Chemical Genomics Centre is an initiative of the Max Planck Society in cooperation with Merck, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer HealthCare and Bayer CropScience. It stands for high quality research in the area of Chemical Genomics and strong collaborations between industry and Max Planck research.

Based on the experience gained in the first funding period of the CGC (2005-2010) the concept of the second funding period of the CGC (2012-2017) was developed further and evolved to guarantee efficient research and collaboration among the participating groups. The scientific focus will remain to be on the chemical-biological analysis of biological phenomena through the use of small molecules.






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Dr. B.Greber
Controlling stem cell fate decisions


Dr. T. N. Grossmann
Chemical Modification of Proteins


Dr. S. Hennig
Therapeutic Transcriptome Modifications


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Dr. S. Laubinger
Dr. S. LaubingerEpigenetic and small RNA-mediated gene regulation
Dr. Y. Wu
Chemical Biology of Membrane Trafficking


Merck KGaA and Lead Discovery Center Enter Collaboration for the Discovery of Anti-Cancer Compounds
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20. Januar 2011

Lead Discovery Center and Merck to collaborate on anti-cancer compounds discovery
Science Business - Internetseite
22. Januar 2011

Unkraut vergeht doch
Ruhr Nachrichten
25. November 2009




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List of Publications: Dr. T. N. Grossmann

List of Publications: Dr. S. Hennig

List of Publications: Dr. S. Laubinger

List of Publications: Dr. Y. Wu